Water Safety

By | 2 March 2021

We’ve been living in very different times recently and school has looked a little different too. Students have been seeing less of their friends and learning a lot more online. We all want to get back to normal as soon as we can but until then it looks like we will be spending more time holidaying at home and enjoying the Irish weather.

More people than ever have been flocking to the coast and our beautiful inland waters for local staycations. In the RNLI, our lifeboat crews have been busier too, launching to rescue more people in trouble on or near the water as more people visit the beach or enjoy water based activities.

The RNLI’s Water Safety Team wants to share how we can help everyone at your school keep themselves, their friends and their family safe at the water – from seas and streams to pools and ponds. We’ve made our safety information relevant for the different ages of your students and kept it informative and relevant to them. The water safety messages have been designed to be interactive and are easily shared with your students.

We know that a simple piece of advice can save a life and children are often the ones to remind the adults of what is right, having learned it at school.

Take a look at their materials to find out how we can help you by delivering essential life skills, in school and at home – and why they’re more important than ever.
Resources are free to use and have been developed to be adaptable to any location. You can access all resources via their website RNLI