Junior Achievement Program

By | 18 April 2023

Mr Crowley’s 6th class took part in the Energize Junior Achievement Program for five weeks during Term 2. Trevor Grant from West Pharmaceutical came to teach us about science and many other things.

On the first week Trevor talked to us about health and wellbeing. He also introduced us to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals .Trevor made us aware of the importance of acting fast if someone is having a stroke and how to use a method called FAST. F is for if their face looks droopy, A is for them to move their arms, S is to get them to speak and T is to time how long they had a stroke.

For the second week we learned about biodiversity and how everything in the world depends on something else to survive.  We also had to plan the Iverk Show while being aware of the natural environment and wildlife.

The third week Trevor talked to us about types of fossil fuels, renewable energy and non-renewable energy. We discussed different types of turbines like the wind turbine and the helix turbine and how they are used. At the end of the lesson we got to make a model helix turbine and a conventional wind turbine.

On the fourth week we learned about safety. We were given a big poster and had to find out what was dangerous.  We also talked about how a hazard is likely to hurt you and a risk is the likelihood of it hurting you.  Finally Trevor made us aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide. If someone passes out from too much carbon monoxide you get them out of the room, ask if they are ok and call an ambulance.

On the fifth and final week we talked about light. Trevor got us to think about life without the sun. Then we used two mirrors to write a word backwards and after that we made a periscope with the mirrors.

We were also kindly invited to go to West and on the 29th of March for a tour. We got go and see the laboratories, inspect some products and complete an experiment.

In conclusion the Junior Achievement program has been very interesting and educational and our class is very grateful to Gas Network Ireland for delivering the program. We also want to say a special thank you to Trevor and West for choosing our class to take part, it has been a great experience and everyone enjoyed learning about energy and science.

By Maggie Anthony.